Creating and maintaining healthy buildings has become easier for Facilities Management and Engineering Professionals.

You can now buy powerful, safe and easy to use product solutions that help you solve for the toughest jobs in your day-to-day cleaning challenges.

Create an impact on the health in your building, by improving Indoor Air Quality, thermal comfort levels and air supply. Create a safe environment for your building occupants and guests, by Innovating the cleaning protocols in key parts of your operations. Work with eco-friendly product solutions that make a significant impact on the environment, decrease energy and water consumption, and your organization’s CO2 footprint. Save time and work more efficiently, and decrease operational cleaning cost. Become accretive to your company’s bottom line, instead of only a cost center.

Discover Our Brands


DEMA: Mobile Compressed Air Foamers & Foggers

The DEMA Mobile Foamer is an easy to use and an ideal piece of equipment for cleaning professionals and facilities management companies to handle large cleaning jobs in areas like HVAC maintenance, drain cleaning and much more!


Eco BioSurfactant Plus

Eco BioSurfactant Plus is an ideal solution and easy to use for everyday cleaning of hard surfaces, both by soft services and hard services cleaning staff. Eco BioSurfactant Plus helps cleaning professionals ensure that buildings are safe for their occupants and free of unwanted microbes and surface fouling.


Z BioScience™ True Clean Technology™

Z BioScience is a biotechnology company that has developed the next generation of cleaning products. Unlike traditional anti-bacterial cleaners, our powerful products are non-toxic, certified green and break down the microscopic film to truly clean the surface.

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