Streamlined Operations, Lasting Cleanliness, and Reduced Costs with Probiotic Cleaning

Maintaining a hygienically safe environment in high-traffic commercial real estate, like shopping malls, offices, and mixed-use buildings with residential units, can be a constant challenge for Facility Management (FM) service providers. Traditional cleaning methods often fall short, leaving hidden dangers because conventional cleaning agents aren’t effective or can’t be used when footfall in your building is at its peak. This creates health risks for staff, tenants, and guests.

We understand the dynamic of the soft services market, where FM service providers deliver the manpower and execute the scope of works agreed with the building owner/developer. In most cases, conventional cleaning chemicals are used due to heavily negotiated, low-cost contracts. While cost is a primary concern, the tide is turning. Environmental consciousness and the need to implement sustainable solutions in daily Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are becoming increasingly strategic. This presents a unique opportunity to rethink how you approach cleaning in your commercial properties.

Introducing a New Standard: Z BioScience Probiotic Cleaning

Z BioScience is a revolutionary cleaning system that leverages the power of naturally occurring, beneficial microbes – probiotics. By breaking down into microscopic cleaners, the bacteria consume soil molecules and tackle grime and muck hidden deep within cracks, crevices, and surface pores. This ongoing process not only provides a deep clean but also offers long-lasting odor control.

Why Probiotics? The Science of Long-Term Hygiene

Traditional cleaning methods rely on chemicals to kill bacteria. While effective at initial sanitization, these methods don’t address the underlying issue of biofilm formation. Biofilm is a sticky layer of bacteria and other microbes that can harbor harmful pathogens and become resistant to traditional cleaning agents.

Probiotics offer a scientifically proven, long-term solution to biofilm control. These live bacteria compete with harmful microbes for space and resources, disrupting biofilm formation and preventing the re-establishment of pathogens. A study published in ResearchGate*, investigating the influence of probiotic-based sanitising methods on surface pathogen persistence, demonstrated a significant reduction – up to 99% – of resistant pathogen strains on surfaces treated with probiotic cleaning systems compared to conventional disinfectants.

Here’s how Z BioScience leverages the power of probiotics to optimize your FM service operations

  • Reduced Reliance on Harsh Chemicals: Bypass the harsh chemicals and their associated health risks. Z BioScience uses good bacteria to outcompete bad ones, creating a healthier environment for staff, tenants, and guests alike.
  • Minimize Recleaning Needs: Z BioScience’s probiotic solutions leverage enzyme production to establish a balanced microbial community on surfaces. This reduces the reliance on harsh chemicals and frequent cleaning cycles, lowering labor costs and extending the lifespan of materials as evidenced by studies on microbiome cleaning efficacy.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Chemical Purchases: Our approach promotes a preventative strategy, potentially eliminating the need for a variety of cleaning chemicals. This translates to reduced storage requirements, improved safety for staff (less exposure to harmful chemicals), and potentially lower disposal costs associated with hazardous materials.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Minimise your environmental impact. Z BioScience promotes sustainable practices and resource management, helping you become an industry leader in eco-conscious cleaning. All Z BioScience products are formulated with ingredients listed on the EPA ‘GRAS’ list, meaning they are safe for humans and the environment.

The Science Behind the Power:

Probiotics are naturally occurring live bacteria that displace harmful microbes and disrupt their growth. They also produce enzymes that break down organic matter, keeping surfaces cleaner for longer.

Z BioScience Goes Beyond Cleanliness: Empowering FM Innovation

Z BioScience allows FM teams to innovate their SOP’s by changing their cleaning protocols. Cleaning results can easily be measured, via ATP testing, giving you peace of mind that surfaces are demonstrably clean and staying cleaner for longer.

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Don’t settle for mediocrity and start using Z BioScience products to achieve superior hygiene, optimising your FM services practices, and improve your bottom line.

**Sources: Caselli, Elisabetta, et al. “Influence of a probiotic-based sanitizing methods on surface pathogen persistence and resistance: an effectiveness and safety study.” Journal of Hospital Infection.

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