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Z BioScience ™ True Clean Technology™

Cleans to the Microscopic Level

Ideal for:

Janitorial & Sanitation Cleaning

Deodorization & Odour Control

Veterinary Cleaning & Animal Husbandry

Healthcare & Allergy Management

About the Product

Revolutionary products clean thoroughly – down to the microbial level

Z BioScience™ is a biotechnology company that has developed the next generation of cleaning products. We use a revolutionary approach to clean surfaces down to the microbial level. Unlike traditional anti-bacterial cleaners, their powerful products are non-toxic, certified green and break down the microscopic film to truly clean the surface. Z BioScience™ offer exclusive products for cleaning, allergy management, animal husbandry, odor removal and healthcare.

In an era of increasing challenges from superbugs such as MRSA, and CRE, cleaning standards are changing. We must stop trying to fight health problems after they occur and return to preventing them before they occur. To do this, surfaces need to be hygienically clean – not just visually clean. They need to be clean at the microscopic level.

ProKure V, 4.2oz (for 25gal disinfectant and or 5gal deodorizer) Unit


Fighting Superbugs

One of the greatest dangers facing mankind is bacterial resistance. Mainline antibiotics are having trouble killing many of the most dangerous pathogens, such as MRSA, C. difficile, tuberculosis and many others.

The problem is that bacteria evolve to resist treatment, and the more antibiotics they face, the faster they evolve. Conventional cleaning methods, which use harsh “disinfecting” chemicals, are another contributing factor to pathogen evolution. The ongoing increase in hospital-acquired infections, food recalls and chemical sensitivity issues illustrate the flaws in this approach.

The problem is incomplete cleaning. Even if a chemical cleaner kills 99.99 percent of pathogens, the remaining 0.01 percent can divide rapidly and come back strong. Even worse, the genetic advantage that helped them survive the initial attack will protect future generations as they are probably resistant to whatever antibiotic or disinfectant they survived.

However, probiotic bacteria do not create drug-resistant pathogens. Though the combination of the proprietary pH neutral chemistry and the probiotic microbials in the Z BioScience products are not technically disinfectants or biocides, they have been proven to clean surfaces better (as evidenced by extensive ATP testing) without the danger of creating drug-resistant pathogens. The probiotic bacteria used in the Z BioScience probiotics products are all considered GRAS (Generally Regarded as Save) by the FDA and the chemicals used are all from one of following lists: EPA CFR 180.950(a), (b), (c), (e), (f) or Inert Ingredients List A. or List B.

We are committed to delivering True Clean

Through our proprietary probiotic products, which can reduce surface contamination to almost zero (as measured with ATP) creating healthier environments for people and animals.

We do not make any biocides or disinfectants because they are dangerous to use and often have ingredients that are harmful to breathe. These aggressive cleaning products have been, and continue to be, a primary cause of resistant bacteria, creating a health risk.

Z BioScience products do not contribute to the development of resistant super bacteria and can maintain clean surfaces for up to three days. Our products are biodegradable and may be used with confidence around children and pets.

Certified green

Biodegradable, non-flammable and low VOC

Hygienic cleaning on microscopic level

Colonizes surfaces with a healthy layer of probiotic bacteria

We are Pioneering Probiotic Cleaning Technology

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