Removing Odours / Drain Pipe Cleaning

Apr 17, 2023 | Engineering Solution


Fouled drain pipes were causing bad smells in the guest rooms of a 400 key, 5-star hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The reason? Many drain pipes started smelling due to a buildup of biofilm and the abundant presence of odor emitting microbes. The drain pipes weren’t cleaned for 5+ years.


The Engineering team cleaned the drain pipes with Z BioScience’s All Surface Plus (AS+), a Probiotic Biosurfactant Cleaner, to remove the biofilm and displace the odor-emitting microbes.


Using the DEMA FOAM-iT 10N, diluted AS+ was foamed in the drain, until the entire drain was filled with foam.

5 gallons of water, in which AS+ was diluted, was used to fill up the drain pipe, with a total length of 40 meters.

It took 8 minutes to completely fill the drain pipe with foam, ensuring that the wall of the complete diameter of the pipe was covered with probiotics.

By covering the diameter of the pipe with foam, the diluted probiotic cleaner AS+ broke down the biofilm, exposing the microbes fully. Missing the protective biofilm layer, the microbes were completely vulnerable. The live probiotics bacteria that were introduced to the surface, started to remove the food source of the pathogens, starving, and displacing them.


Before the cleaning procedure started, an ATP test1 was performed on the inside diameter of the pipe. The reading was 3,595 RLU. After treatment of the drainpipe with AS+, another ATP reading was taken, showing that the value dropped to 164 RLU). This drop in value indicated an enormous reduction in the presence of biofilm.


After not being able to clean the drain pipes in this building effectively for many years, the Client was now able to not only deep clean the pipes, but they were also able to execute this annual task in an effective and time saving fashion, with impressive and tangible results.

Products used:

  • DEMA FOAM-iT 10N for the (foam) application
  • Z BioScience All Surface Plus (AS+) for the cleaning


1 An ATP test generates a number that correlates to the amount of pathogens living on a surface.

Z BioScience All Surface Plus Probiotic BioSurfactant Cleaner

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