All Surface Plus Probiotic BioSurfactant Cleaner

Multi-Purpose BioSurfactant Ultra Concentrate


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True Clean Probiotic Protection™ for Professionals
Our ultra concentrated Z-PROBIOTIC ALL SURFACE PLUS CLEANER is a powerful foaming biosurfactant cleaner that will leave surfaces sparkling clean and streak-free with a residual probiotic barrier that keeps on working. Use on any moisture-tolerant surface or material. Easy to use, this highly concentrated product is to be diluted at 1:128 for normal cleaning and 1:256 for light maintenance cleaning.

By combining EPA listed ingredients and a proprietary blend of GRAS probiotics, this powerful cleaner will clean down to the microbial level to give you a truly clean surface and a healthier environment. By cleaning down to the microbial level, surfaces will be cleaner right after cleaning and will remain cleaner longer, as well as eliminating odors at the source.

Additional Information

ALL SURFACE PLUS CLEANER can be used to protect and clean counters, tables, chairs, trays, walls, floors, handrails, bathrooms, food prep areas, computer keyboards and other surfaces. It is gentle on the skin, and may be used around children and pets. Like all of our products, it is eco-friendly and is certified green.
Manufacturer: Z BioScience
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