About FCLT-E

FCLT-E.com is a supplier of products and services that help Facilities Management Professionals to create and maintain healthy buildings.

Established in 2021, FCLT-E.com embarked on creating a marketplace to fill an existing demand, where Facilities Management and Engineering Professionals can purchase high quality product solutions that help them in creating and maintaining healthy buildings.

Accessible in the Middle Eastern region, transparent product information, with a frictionless purchase process, and well-priced, leading products in their category. We represent internationally recognized brands, supplying their products that have a demonstrable track record in quality and result.

We Are Proud Corporate Member of

As an aggregator, FCLT-E carefully selects products from high quality brands that provide solutions for everyday challenges for Facilities Management and Engineering Professionals, with tangible outcomes.

All these products have a positive impact on day-to-day janitorial uses, as well as specialized solutions for specifically recurring maintenance jobs in buildings, hard and soft services, across a wide variety of industry verticals.

The environmentally friendly products need to have demonstrable positive impact ecologically by being biodegradable,

a longer lasting cleanliness of the surfaces and spaces cleaned, or reduction in the energy use in a building structure (and thus the CO2 footprint of a building). Ease in storage, handling and use of the products are important criteria in ensuring that Facilities Management staff can execute any kind of job in a safe and effective manner.

By using products from these brands we represent

Facilities Management and Engineering teams can solve problems, save money and achieve an accretive impact on the bottom line of their businesses. All of this can be achieved in the knowledge that guests and occupants of the buildings in which the products are being used, create, and maintain a level of health and safety as never before.

FCLT-E proudly supplies product solutions to reputed Clients in Healthcare, Hospitality, Facilities Management Services, Education and Government, across the Middle East.