Drain Odour Elimination

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  • DEMA FOAM-iT 5-inch Drain Attachment
  • All Surface Plus Probiotic BioSurfactant Cleaner

Drain smells in bathrooms can become a real and persistent problem in guest rooms and public spaces.

It is an issue of the continuous built up and presence of biofilm and bacteria in the drains. Conventional cleaning (and unblocking) of drains only reaches a part of the diameter of the drain and is only effective when “wet”. Particularly the removal of biofilm of the entire wall of the drainpipe is a big prohibitor in removing the microbes that cause the ongoing smells.

The cleaning of drains with the Z BioScience probiotics solution, in combination with a low-pressure DEMA foam applicator solves for two main issues: the removal of the biofilm and thus the microbes, and the full surface coverage of the drain walls.

Biofilm is present everywhere and functions as a shield for dirt and microbes and is very hard to remove by conventional cleaning chemicals. The Z BioScience probiotics solution introduces an abundance of good live microbes to any surface. These good microbes remove the food source for the odour causing bad microbes, displacing these bad microbes.

After an initial “shock” treatment, the foaming of the drain with probiotics is repeated for 6 consecutive days to get control over the drain smells.

The probiotics solution of Z BioScience is completely safe for humans and animals. It’s environmentally friendly and doesn’t require any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while working with the cleaning liquid. The probiotics microbes are active when wet and dry, ensuring a longer cleaning effect.

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