Clean Iftar During Ramadan 2023

Products Featured

  • MultiTask Probiotic Biosurfactant Cleaner
  • Enviro Mist Probiotic Microflora Concentrate

At the end of each day during Ramadan people like to congregate for the Iftar.

It’s a very important time of the day in which extra attention is given to well sanitized and safe food preparation and serving areas.

Conventional professional cleaning products are only effective when applied and wet. Right after the dwell time or the surface being dried up, the fouling process of microbe colonies starts to grow exponentially again. Part of the challenge to remove dirt and unwanted microbes is biofilm. Biofilm is present everywhere and functions as a shield for dirt and microbes and is very hard to remove by conventional cleaning chemicals. Another issue is that the cleaning of large spaces can be challenging when it’s crowded.

The cleaning of busy food preparation and serving areas with the Z BioScience probiotics solution can now be managed safely and in two daily steps.

All surfaces can be treated with Z BioScience probiotics once a day, by simply using a mob or wipe. With an Ultra-Low Fogging (ULF) unit the space can continuously be controlled during the Iftar, by simply misting the probiotics. This daily cleaning routine solves two main issues: the removal of the biofilm and thus the protective layer for the microbes. The Z BioScience probiotics solution introduces an abundance of good live microbes to any surface. These good microbes remove the food source for the bad microbes and displace them.

The probiotics solution of Z BioScience is completely safe for humans and animals. It’s environmentally friendly and doesn’t require any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while working with the cleaning liquid. The probiotics microbes are active when wet and dry, ensuring a longer cleaning effect.

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