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ProKure® D Slow Release Deodorizer

The ProKure® D Extended Release Gas product line emits very low levels of ClO2 gas vapors via a humidity-activated delivery system. The trace levels of ClO2 released provide odor control and on-going ClO2 protection for up to 30 days.

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ProKure V Formulated for Restoration Pros

Product Description

Improve Air Quality

ProKure® D is used to create ClO2 slow release gas, and is the perfect solution for improving air quality and for on-going control of odors caused by food, perspiration, mustiness and more for up to 30 days.

Not an EPA-registered product and not labeled for sale as a pesticide under 40 CFR

Usage & Instructions

Step 1: Tear open the foil packet and remove the inner white pouch (DO NOT OPEN THE WHITE POUCH)
Step 2: Insert the white inner pouch into the clamshell.
Step 3: Snap the clamshell securely closed and placed on a stable, level surface. You may also use the tape strips on the back of the clamshell to adhere to a wall.

How to Activate & Use ProKure® D

Watch Video: How to Activate & Use ProKure® D


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